RighTel RingBack Tone (RBT)

This service allows subscribers to change the network’s RingBack Tone (RBT). With this service, caller users can enjoy listening to music rather than listening to a beep. Subscribers can search and select their favorite types of music.

The settings for this service are stored on the mobile network and are not related to the settings of the mobile phone. It’s also possible to use the service on phones that can support the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology, and the model or mobile features do not care about using the service. This service has been launched by VAS Lab for RighTel operator. RBT platform is also designed and developed for the MCI mobile operator.

Feature List:

  • Possibility to assign one or more ringback tone to a person or group of persons at any time
  • Do not play the ringback tones for a person or a group of people
  • Gift ringback tone to other subscribers
  • Copy ringback tone of subscribers
  • Offer your favorite music to the operator