MCI & RighTel SIM Card Tests

VAS Lab, as the only mobile value-added services lab in the country, has provided the platform for consultancy services and SIM card services. With a high level of scientific knowledge and valuable experiences in the field of smart cards, this center has been able to be a provider of value-added services as an advisor to telecommunication operators.

Vas Lab, as the only nation-wide SIM card testing center, has the infrastructure, equipment, technical knowledge and valuable experience in testing the structure, capabilities, standards, and security of smart cards, mobile phones and software mobile application. Since its establishment (the year 2008), it has been offering mobile telephony consulting services in the area of SIM cards to Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI), RighTel, Shatel Mobile and SamanTel.

Sharif’s Laboratory has officially commissioned the testing, evaluation and technical rating of the SIM cards in tenders for the purchase of SIM cards by MCI and RighTel. Also, in other related areas, such as the launch of the fourth-generation network (LTE), technical specifications for LTE, M2M and NFC SIM cards it is considered as the main advisor for Hamrahe Aval and RighTel.