MAPFA started in 2004 with a group of students from Sharif University of Technology and Amir Kabir University. The goal of this company is to develop native software for telecommunication scope and offer its products in Iran and two other countries.

MAFA is a provider of enterprise solutions to operators and value-added service providers in the area of selling content, apps, SMS, MMS and USSD portals.

Projects undertaken by MAFA include:

  1. MCI SMS Gateway with a capacity of 100,000 SMS per second
  2. Tehran Municipality’s SMS Gateway
  3. Naja SMS Gateway
  4. PressTV SMS Gateway
  5. MMS Gateway with a capacity of 400 MMS per second
  6. RBT Portal with 20,000,000 Subscribers
  7. Pardis Portal with 45,000,000 Subscribers