hami system sharif

Hami System Sharif knowledge-based company provides professional solutions in the field of IT.

Our team of technicians and specialists utilize best methods of software development to present enormous projects to customers along with world standard and in a short time

More than 15 years of experience in solution provision and close cooperation with Sharif University is a proof of our capabilities. In the recent decade, Hami System Sharif carrying out software related projects with the largest operators in Iran, Hamrah-e-Avval, and play as a key role in the advancement of activities and projects.

Several accomplished tasks are designed, implemented, and analysed  of the following systems: Hamrah-e-Avval official portal (; MNP portal; E-care portal; Hamrah-e-Avval customer club; system for selecting a pre-chosen cell number; bill payment system; portal for buying credit card for cell phones; Android and iOS applications of Hamrah-e-Man; and e-mail system of Hamrah-e-Avval.