Abre Salamat

The Abre Salamat aims to provide educational and health promotion services at the individual and organization level and with the prospect of providing cross-border service to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of people in the health sector by having specialized platforms for providing services.

In various fields, achieving digital health knowledge, collaborating with government and private organizations, and acquiring more than 8 million active users, Abre Salamat has been able to provide the best place to provide health services in the country. Also, with experienced advisers, the Center has launched an online medical consulting center and added sections on medical materials, healthcare providers, telephone counseling, and self-care services. This system tries to improve the quality of life and promote a healthy lifestyle by integrating new technologies and health knowledge. Creating capacities such as counseling, electronic health records, intelligent information, health software, e-learning and social networking, telephone and video healthcare, the provision of health infrastructure platform and several other new health services that offer people everywhere in the world.