This service is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date videos and serials of the World with Persian subtitles and dubbing.

The content of the FilmAva is constantly updated, and users can access their favorite movies in different categories or according to the names of directors and actors.


This service offers a selection of the most up-to-date, attractive and useful clips in the categories of lifestyle, cooking, health, etc. that are relevant to the audience.

With a view to improving the lifestyle of Iranian families, I Clips will provide diverse and high-quality video clips content.

Ghesse Messe

This application is designed to provide audio stories to children and adolescents. Parents can use the instructive and engaging content to entertain their children.

MCI League

The main focus of this game is on entertainment education, which is simple and practical to bring it together.

In this kind of quiz game, users will be asked to answer textual, visual, audio and video questions, which will cause a joy in answering questions to prevent users from being tired of answering.

VASL Audio Quran

VASL is a companion application that specifically deals with the provision of various religious services. The application, by establishing a mobile-based platform, tries to meet the various applied-religious services requested by users.

VASL provides all the religious needs of its users by providing integrated services for all types of religious services including audio Quran, calendar, daily events and prayer times, Live broadcast religious sites, Qibla Finder, Prayer and pilgrimage in a product.


Due to the attractiveness and excitement of football, soccer games are the great interest to youth and adolescents, and this has led to the creation of various games focused on football in different type of platforms and electronic devices. Given the potential of this market, the game “Kashte” is introduced to football enthusiasts.

In this game, the user can challenge his ability to hit the free kicks to the goal and compare his privileges with other users. The goal of this game is to score points by scoring more goals and climbing the top of the score table. Kashte’s Users can also get more points by buying coins and diamonds and experience more challenges.

Abre Amoozesh

Education cloud (in Persian: Abre Amoozesh) is an e-learning platform that was created by Kavin company and allows you to learn beyond the physical classroom environment. With Education cloud, you can learn a variety of educational services.

Virtual education is a way to learn and gain knowledge and skills, to enter the job market. By using Education cloud, you can use the various educational content provided online and offline, whenever and wherever you are.