Cloud Infrastructures

Public Cloud Services

By using public cloud services, you can create your cloud server in some seconds and deploy your virtual machines on it. Leave all the complexities of maintenance and upgrading in the levels of infrastructure, network and virtualization to cloud service provider. Save in your time and costs and provide your users with high quality service by using cutting edge technologies while utilizing minimum resources. Pishro provides you 4 major benefits in public cloud services:

  • Real-time scalability
  • 24×7 support and maintenance
  • Pay-as-you-go per Hour pricing
  • Simplified features

Private Cloud Services

Private cloud is about delivering cloud services through the Internet or internal network in an organization while the access in limited and only particular users can access it. Similar to public cloud, a private cloud provides businesses with advantages such as scalability and flexibility, while, additionally, it gives them more customization options and more control over the way how the users use the cloud.