Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

A service delivery platform (SDP) is a platform that provides a structure for service delivery, including controls for service sessions and protocols for service use. This term is common within the telecommunications industry. It can be vital for services that have to bridge multiple platforms or technologies. However, a service delivery platform tends to be designed for a particular delivery in a single telecommunications format.

VAS Lab with the design and development of the Pardis Portal for MCI has been able to provide services to the subscribers of this operator.

SDP that developed by VAS Lab includes a unified management system to manage:

  • CP/SP Management
  • Content management
  • Subscribers Management
  • Products and package management
  • Authentication and accounting management
  • Portal Management

It can provide a unified presentation portal for all applications and content. Through different channels like the terminal client, USSD, SMS, IVR, WAP, WEB users will access this portal.