Mobile TV

By Mobile Broad Band technology, mobile TV service has been recognized and accepted by an increasing number of end users. Mapfa Mobile Television (MTV) solutions adopt the streaming and download and Live Encoder for online encoding capability technology to provide a wide variety of interactive services for end users.

Mapfa MTV includes high-performance management system to manage CP data, user data, content metadata, and base product data also the management of Real-time user authentication, service charging control.

  • Service Presentation: Better user experiences can be achieved when the MTV Client runs on user terminal. The front-end subsystem solution consists of the MTV Client_Mapfa, MTV web portal, and MTV Wap Portal.
  • Large capacity and high integration: The system is scalable, with the supported subscriber in tens of millions.
  • Encoding and decoding capabilities: With regard to file encapsulation, MTV solution supports Microsoft proprietary formats that such as WMV and ASF,3GP, 3G2, and MP4, WMV9, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, WMA9, AAC, and AMR.
  • High-quality video experiences: With regard to encoding and decoding, H.264 high profiles are supported and the algorithms of the H.264 high profiles are optimized.
  • Easy and efficient device management: All subsystems are managed by OMC the following aspects: Topology, Faults, Performance, Security, Configuration
  • High reliability: Important devices are deployed on two-node clusters or work in load balancing mode. This avoids single points of failure and increases the device availability to 99.99%.

This service has been launched under the title of Ri-TV for RighTel.