E-learning Platform

This service is an Electronic Learning Platform that allows you to learn beyond the classroom and physical environment. With the e-learning platform, you will find a variety of educational services in the field of information technology.

Obviously, with the growth and advancement of communication technologies in today’s digital life, the need for education and knowledge acquisition is of high priority. E-learning is a way to learn, gain knowledge and skills, to enter the job market. By using the platform you can use the various educational content provided at any time, online and offline. Using this system will enable you to attend specialized different courses without worrying about the limitations of attending classes, and at any given time to acquire the knowledge and skills you need.

The service is being presented to the market in collaboration with MCI to provide educational training to the audience.

 Feature List:

  • Ability to categorize and provide explanations for each course
  • Possibility to provide course content in the form of video, text, e-books, exercise files and tests
  • Ability to define the user’s profile
  • The possibility to pay courses online
  • Q & A with consultants and professors
  • Possibility to provide work files, pamphlets, sample questions and … for each course
  • Possibility to send the course to the user after the purchase of the course on DVD disc