Mobile payment SDK Applet

VAS Lab worked on developing SIM-based Applets like the OTP applet, Mobile Connect, Smart Roaming.

Some of them, such as OTP, are fully executed, and others like Mobile Connect are running

The mobile payment system enables mobile users to easily handle banking operations through the phone.

The Top Up payment service is suitable for operators and the bank payment system suitable for banks and large financial organizations.

Some of the variety of other services performing financial operations with a mobile phone will make it easy and inclusive, and the need to use extra equipment (such as POSs) will be eliminated.

Also, with smart card capabilities, you can achieve a high level of security and reliability in mobile payment systems. The system is based on OTA / STK technology, while at the same time user-friendly, it provides high security that is accepted by internationally recognized financial institutions and telecom operators.

The main categories of services in this section are:

  • Operators payment service
  • Bank payment service
  • Blockchain